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Glockner König 2020

On the 7th of June 2020 the Großglockner is calling again!

The Glocknerkönig

The Glocknerkönig is a cycling event for everyone. It takes place on the 7 June 2020 on the Großglockner High Alpine Road (from 7:00 until 10:30) , which is kept traffic-free for the duration of the event. No licence is required to take part; the event is open to all, amateurs, professionals, and hobby athletes. There are joint classes for racing bikes and mountain bikes. The Ultra and Classic races start in the centre of Bruck, and the Light start is at the toll point in Ferleiten. The finish is the same for all and is at the Fuschertörl, 2445 m above sea level. Only those taking part in the Ultra race have to keep going all the way to the Edelweißspitze at a height of 2572 m.


Team registration / ranking

Participants must register and pay individually.

The team leader should then register their team by listing the names of the participants in their Datasport Profi.

Rankings: The best 4 in the team count in the rankings

Team registration is no longer possible on the day of the event.



The event takes place in a high mountain environment, so even if the weather is nice, you should expect cold temperatures on the journey down. Windbreakers, a hat under your bike helmet, gloves etc. are recommended. In bad weather, appropriate rain and cold protection are very important. For organisational reasons, it is not possible to offer a shuttle service down to the valley apart from for visitors who have travelled up by bus. The transport of bikes by bus into the valley is not possible.


Weather forecast

The Glocknerkönig takes place whatever the weather, even if there is snow in the mountains. Relevant weather information will be given in the start area over the PA system. Participants can then decide themselves whether to take part or not. Weather forecasts are published by many online weather services in advance. In recent years such general weather information services have proved to be completely unreliable. Please take your information about the Glocknerkönig weather exclusively from this website. The forecast is produced by serious weather services and from local people with mountain experience. In extremely foul weather conditions, the race organisers reserve the right to shorten the route, or cancel the event for reasons of safety of the participants. If such a case arises, entry money will not be refunded.

Gear Transportation:

* You receive a plastic bag when you pick up your start number.

* On this plastic bag is a space to stick your own clothes bag sticker.

* Your sticker will be in your starter set.

* Your clothes bag sticker has the same number as your start number.

* You put your change of clothes for the finish into the bag.

* You can hand in your clothes bag on Saturday between 5 PM and 8 PM or on Sunday from 5:30 AM until 6:15 AM at any of the designated lorries.

* You then retrieve your bag at the finish.

* Please do not put any valuables in your clothes bags. The event organiser accepts no liability for its contents.

Light riders can hand in their clothes bag at the start (the toll point in Ferleiten). The lorry will be in the start area at 7:15 AM.

Return of the bags will be in the relevant finish area.

Transport of clothes bags down to the valley is not offered. Any clothes bags not collected at the finish can be picked up in Bruck from 1 PM at the chip return point. We do not offer a transport service for bikes down into the valley, except for participants who are unable to ride down themselves for medical reasons.

Buses for changing will be available in the finish area.


Bus for accompaniments:

The bus stop is in the grounds of the Landwirtschaftsschule (agricultural college) behind the church in Bruck. See the start plan for details.


Departure times:

  • 6:15 from Maximarkt (car park entrance)
  • 6:30 - 6:45 Bruck (see start plan for bus stop)
  • 6:50 Fusch  (in front of Fusch tourist information office)
  • 7:15 Ferleiten toll point
  • Departure from the finish at Fuschertörl: First bus at 10:30, and thereafter buses depart as soon as they are full. The last bus down into the valley leaves at 12:00.

Tickets € 19, children € 9. Tickets must be bought in advance from the race office on Saturday or Sunday morning during the race office opening times.



On Sunday starting at 5:00 a.m. in the center of Bruck. Starting at 5.30 a.m. at the Hotel Römerhof!


Noodle Party

The pasta party takes place in a number of guest houses and restaurants in Bruck and Fusch on the Saturday prior to the race.

At participating restaurants, you can enjoy a free pasta dish by submitting the voucher included in your starter set. 

The participating restaurants will be announced in due time. !Also valid in the Hotel Römerhof!


Awards ceremony:

2 PM at the bandstand near the village square in Bruck, next to the Gemeindeamt (council offices).

We wish a great race and an unforgettable Glocknerkönig!


Photo service

At the Glocknerkönig, photos and films are taken. This material is published to present our activities in the online (website, social media) and print areas (press work, folders, etc.). Please inform us, if we are not allowed to publish your pictures:


Marathon Photos, experienced photography professionals, are the official Glocknerkönig 2020 photographers, and will be taking photos at several photo points along the route as well as at the finish. All you need to know about this: Smile and display your start number at the photo point. 24 hours after the event, visit and choose from the huge selection of fantastic photos, with immediate download possible.

BIKMO - Insurance for bikers

HERE you can take out an insurance!


Originally from: Tourismusverband Großglockner-Zellersee