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9th International Großglockner Grand Prix

Der Internationale Großglockner Grand Prix findet voraussichtlich erst wieder im Herbst 2020 statt!

21/09 - 23/09/2017


On August 3rd, 1935 the high alpine road as one of Europes longest pass on Austrias highest mountain (second highest in the European Alps right after the Mountblanc) was officially opened to the public traffic – and just one day later the first of three prewar „Grossglockner Races“ took place. The whole length of the road was 48 km. Nevertheless the races always covered 15 kilometers „only“.

92 curves, 14 hairpins and 15 kilometer – these were the parameters for „man and machine“ – the  start at 1.100m and the finish line nearly 2.500 m height.


Originally from: Großglockner-Grand-Prix